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1) Please note that we do require a Minimum Payment up front upon checkout of 25% that is not refundable, but will be credited toward the full balance. If you cancel within the 7 days prior to the event, we will retain that Minimum Payment in a Raincheck, good for one full year toward a future event. If you cancel before the 7 days leading up to the Event, your full balance can be refunded or placed in a Raincheck, whichever you prefer.

2) Exceptions include weather related cancellations. For example, if weather is inclement the day of your event to a point where we cannot safely deliver the equipment, we will offer to: a) refund b) reschedule or c) raincheck any monies paid for a future date.

3) Wind is our biggest enemy in terms of safety. We will cancel events due to wind due to safety issues. There are a lot of factors that decide this including the wind forecasts and type of equipment rented. For example and as you can see in the below graphic, traditional bounce houses are less effected by wind. They have a lot of mesh on the sides and are not as tall and generally do not have solid walls. Waterslides and combos generally have solid walls and are taller making them much more dangerous to operate in windy conditions. We take these considerations when deciding to cancel and event due to weather.

4) Rain and thunderstorms. Generally speaking an event can go on during rain. Our units can get rained on and most of the time rain passes. However, if the forecast is showing a complete washout, we will consult with you about your options. Also, thunderstorms can bring dangerous wind gusts even if brief. If we see that in the forecast, we may still deliver but give instructions about shutting the units blower off as the storm approaches until it passes.